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Bouncy Castle Sales & Inflatable Sales Ireland

Gerry Frawley has been manufacturing bouncy castles & inflatables in Ireland for over 30 years.

Originally he started in a shed on his property manufacturing up to 2 bouncy castles every week on a 150 year old ‘134k6 Single Needle Walking Foot‘ sewing machine.

Over the years Gerry and crew have manufactured hundreds of bouncy castles & inflatables and repaired thousands.

Over the last 20 years prices of inflatables have reduced dramatically. In order to meet the demands of the growing market Gerry started manufacturing for over 8 years in a mass production factory in China. To ensure Bounce Ireland’s quality and durability standards he went so far as to export 20ft containers of High Quality material from the UK to China for the production of the Bounce Ireland inflatables.

With the introduction of the new European safety standard ‘EN 14960’, Gerry decided to look closely at European manufacturers for supply. After a few visits to the Airquee factory in Romania it was obvious that Airquee would become the leading manufacturer of bouncy castles and inflatables in Europe in every aspect of their production.

Gerry was given the freedom of the factory to overlook the production process on many occasions. Over the course of these visits Gerry built up a strong relationship with the management and staff of Airquee and knew for sure that the future of quality and EU Safety compliant inflatables was with Airquee. Gerry now plays a critical role in durability advice to the production and design team at Airquee. He works closely with Airquee to find solutions to any issues regarding durability that may arise from time to time.

Airquee have become simply the biggest and best inflatable manufacturer in the world. That is why for the seasoned hirer or people just getting started, the obvious answer for the best inflatables is Airquee

Another masterstroke by Airquee was to introduce the E-Range – A heavily mass produced range of inflatables designed and manufactured with the same quality but with serious price reductions for you the hirer. You can see the full range by clicking here

That is why we recommend for new bouncy castles and inflatables please go directly to Airquee Online.


Bouncy Castle Sales Ireland - Bounce Ireland, Navan, Co. Meath

Bouncy Castle Sales Ireland - Bounce Ireland, Navan, Co. Meath

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